My Janis

MY JANIS will be performed at the Whitefire Theatre for the 'Solofest 2018' on February 16th at 8pm, will share the evening with the Award Winning solo performance "Pollock: A Frequency Parable".

Tickets are $20 and available HERE

Written and Directed by: Arianna Veronesi

Creative Consultant: Greg Braun

Lighting Photographer and Video Maker: Rudolf Bekker

My Janis is a window into Janis Joplin’s private world as she struggles to find her identity in the summer of 1966. Joplin spent a reclusive year at her parents house in Texas after she nearly died from speed and alcohol addiction in San Francisco. At 23, she works hard to fit in and get rid off her destructive habits: she goes back to college, gets a part time job, goes to psychotherapy and waits for her boyfriend to come to marry her… He never shows up. But she keeps singing. She keeps having very controlled fun. While on a vacation with her friends in Austin she waits for a call from her old friend, Chet Helms who is now a big manager in San Francisco. Things are changing fast with the music revolution and the hippie movement and he wants her to sing for one of his groups “Big Brother and The Holding Co”. Janis doesn't know what to do. She is scared of San Francisco - scared of her own monsters, but this is her dream come true, after years of failures. Can she finally be true to herself and be loved for what she really is?
"One of the more unusual Fringe plays, I would highly recommend it, I can’t get it out of my head…in a very good way."

"Arianna Veronesi may well have been born to play Janis Joplin, whom she does not merely imitate, but powerfully embodies in her self-directed one-woman show My Janis."

"In this one woman show, Arianna Veronesi delivers a poetic, graceful look at Janis Joplin. With a thought-provoking performance at its core, this glimpse into an artist’s soul is deeply moving."

"Veronesi's performance is spellbinding. The earns a GOLD MEDAL."

Arianna Veronesi was born and raised in Verona, Italy and started her international career very young as a ballet and contemporary dancer. She worked for companies such as London City Ballet and Ballet du Nord (France). She got into acting from physical theater. She attended a three year course at Acting International in Paris, then she continued training with Michael Margotta (actors studio), Doris Hicks (actors studio) and Greg Braun (New Collective). She worked as a lead in a indie French movie “Killer of Beauty” directed by Keja Ho Kramer, then booked a supporting role in “The Rite” directed by Michael Hafstrom where she played opposite Anthony Hopkins. She worked in several theater productions in Paris and Rome and some TV shows for RAI UNO. Her last credit after moving to LA was with “Distant Vision, TV movie” directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

My Janis written and performed by Arianna Veronesi opens at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017 with six performances at The New Collective Mainstage (6440 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, 90036).